Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eye Topics for my Optimistic Friends

Good morning, my friends! Hope you are all having a nice day. Hope you have some fun Halloween plans, if you celebrate Halloween.

This is just a mini-post with some ideas for topics from my crazy sibling, Sunshine. Said crazy sibling texted me a number of ideas, and I wanted to put them up here so I don't lose them (my crazy phone likes to erase stuff sometimes.)

So here are the topics suggested. Feel free to suggest your own! I am going to try to write more in here within the next couple of weeks.

1. Tucker's (Sunshine's dog) bionic eye

2. Prosthetic eyes

3. Astigmatism

4. What does the goo inside an eye look like?

5. My (Sunshine's) crazy optic nerve

6. Eye pressure

7. Emiry's (Sunshine's friend) optic nerve lesion

8. Lander's (Sunshine's other friend) neurological problem

9. Allergy bumps

10. Can my eyes freeze in my head on a really cold day? (Sunshine lives in the cold, which I will never, ever understand)

11. Is it bad to open your eyes under water?

12. Binocular/Monocular cues

13. Why do contacts act as onion shields?

14. My coworker never takes out his contacts. What should I say to him?

15. What's up with styes and what should I do about them?

16. Is it possible to safely share eye makeup or not at all?

17. My crazy client wants LASIK but I am worried that he won't follow directions. Is there aftercare involved?

18. Do chickens see in color?

19. What kind of glasses should I get?

20. How often should I replace my contact lens case?

21. I'm a big hussy and I am sleeping over at someone's house and didn't bring contact lens solution. Should I sleep in my contacts, or throw them out and be blind driving home?

22. What's the deal with transition lenses?

23. How bad is it for me to rub my eyes if they are itchy?

24. Why does my depth percetion suck when my vision isn't corrected?

25. I can order Rx goggles for cheap but they will only have the same Rx in both eyes rather than a different one for each eye. Will it f--- things up to get the goggles for the lower of my powers?

26. What do t-cells do and not do? (Hahaha Sunshine, thanks for your help studying back in the day. Mr. T cells don't do no CHO's)

27. When I'm driving at night the headlights of oncoming cars seem blinding. Am I sensitive or do other cars suck that much?

28. My blind friend is allergic to carrots. What should he eat for his eyes? Is that just a myth?

29. Are there any problems associated with certain eye colors? Like can people with blue eyes get eye sunburns?

30. Can non-students watch cadaver dissection at the nearest optometry school, or is that forbidden?

31. What is your craziest eye story? Besides Emiry's "I have a f---ed up eye" introduction.

32. What's your favorite antique or obsolete eye equipment or theory?

33. How do people react when they hear you're an optometrist? Do most people like optometrists more than they like dentists?

34. Is it possible to put an injection in an eye? Or would it pop like a water balloon or a drag queen's fake boobie?

35. Do those black lines that football players wear on their cheeks actually do anything or do they just look manly?

36. As an eye doctor, are you biased against the other senses? Is there even such thing as a taste doctor?

37. So on Teen Mom the baby has glasses. How can you even know if a baby needs glasses and what Rx to give them if they're not verbal?

38. How can you know which drug someone's on based on their eyes?

39. Is there a such thing as cyclops?

40. Is it dangerous to cross your eyes and make a silly face?

41. Have you noticed the trend of hipsters wearing ugly glasses?

42. How do you feel about fake glasses for fashion?

43. Is it really bad to read in the dark?

44. Will millions of hours of TV and computer screens kill your eyes?

So those are the questions I got from my crazy sibling. I may write on a couple of the (more normal) topics in the future. Just wanted to get them all listed on here.

So, time for a quick daily dose of some positive vibes... remember you are in control of your future! Make this day a wonderful one!